Top features you can use with our new Shopify Integration! 🤯

Top features you can use with our new Shopify Integration! 🤯

Our newest integration with Shopify gives users simultaneous access to their inventory and Purchase and Sales order actions! Without needing to switch between the two platforms, these small additions grant customers freedom to perform tasks while saving time and effort.

What new features are there?

🔄 Easy Sync Process
📜 Product Registration
🧙‍♂️ Matching Wizard
⚖️ Sales Orders and Stock Out Simultaneously
📋 View order statuses  

🔄 Easy Sync Process

Syncing Shopify and BoxHero channels
Easy Sync Process

For first timers on the app, add existing Shopify sales channels with just a few steps.

  • Going through Purchase & Sales > Integration >  Add Channel will bring you to Shopify’s sync channel.
  • After clicking Shopify > Add app > Login > Sync Channel > Complete your platforms will link both for simultaneous us

📜 Product Registration

Matching wizard linking product from Shopify and BoxHero
Product Registration - Matching Wizard

BoxHero made linking products on Shopify easily possible with 🧙‍♂️"Matching Wizard"🧙‍♀️. This new tool provides:

  • Quick product registration and linkage
  • Product barcodes
  • Categories for each item!

From the Matching Wizard, users can link products automatically or manually, connecting your Shopify Channel’s Products to your BoxHero’s Products.

⚖️ Simultaneous Sales Orders and Stock Out

Now, Sales Orders and Stock Out transactions function in tandem on both apps! Instead of manually updating both sides, Shopify sales order (regardless of quantities) will reflect the changes in your inventory amounts accordingly. As a check and balance, if there are errors in conducting transactions, a notification will appear about the matching error.

📋 Sales Order Statuses

Sales Order List on BoxHero
Sales Order Statuses

Through the integration with Shopify, viewing order statuses directly on BoxHero and inspecting each product amount guarantees accuracy and efficiency.

Under Purchases and Sales tab, view all transactions on the Sales Order List to find out which products were:

  • Shipped
  • 💲 Amounts
  • On which channel
  • Order number
  • And More!

Shopify is the first of many integrations to come! Stay tuned for future updates!

Find out how BoxHero is the simplest inventory management software!

  • 📜 Categorizing items to easily sort and group based on characteristics.
  • ✔ Check reordering status from the 'Analysis' menu.
  • 🔎Identifying products with 'Low Stock' status and plan reorders
  • ║▌Generate, scan, and print Barcodes all in one system.
  • 🧾 Easily create Purchase Orders, invoice statements, and sales analysis.
  • ☁ BoxHero is a cloud-based inventory management system that allows you to create and share transactions with your team anytime, anywhere.
Start your inventory management with BoxHero All features available in a 30-day free trial!

Find out more details of our Shopify integration here. 👈