Barcode generator

Barcode generator

The Ultimate Barcode Generator and Label Designing Tool in BoxHero

Whenever you shop, you will notice cashiers scan the barcodes on products to automate the checkout process. Barcode is a combination of black vertical lines of varying widths and the spaces between these lines. When you scan a barcode, your computer decodes the pattern and translates it into a set of characters. For the computer to interpret the data, it needs to associate the barcode information with product details. The link between the barcode and that product needs to be set up beforehand.

Before we proceed any further, why do we need barcodes to improve the inventory management process? ‎The main reason for using barcodes is efficiency. Imagine a checkout counter without a barcode system. It is humanly impossible to do all the calculations correctly. Without a barcode system, people working at shops and stores should memorize thousands of different products when it's really hard to differentiate all the products that look so alike with human eyes.

However, just having a barcode system is not good enough for efficient inventory management. You need software to complete the barcode system. Without a proper software to interpret the data it carries, a barcode is just a clutter of characters and numbers. The real magic of barcodes comes when your computer knows what to do with the data. This is where inventory management software comes in.

In this post, we will learn how to generate and use a barcode to make inventory management easy and efficient. The post is full of go-to tips on how to use BoxHero’s barcode features to your business needs.

Now, let’s dive into how to generate barcodes and print barcode labels on BoxHero!

1. Generate a barcode

Generating a barcode on BoxHero is just a few clicks away! When you register a new product, you may generate a barcode. Go to ‘Product List’ and select ‘Add Product.’ There are two ways to generate a barcode: auto-generate and manual input.

2. Creating / Printing Barcode Labels

Not only can you generate barcodes, you can also design and print a label. It is super easy too! First, go to ‘Print Barcode’. Here you can print the label that is saved beforehand but also change the label design as wanted. Then go to ‘Label Design Setting’ and you can choose a template or add a new template you want.

Currently, BoxHero provides a range of options for printing a label on whichever page type you want, either thermal label or others like A4, letter, etc. If you can’t find the page type you want from the list provided, you can add the information manually.

To do this, you can go toLabel Design Setting’ and select ‘Add Template’  and choose the page settings of your choice. Once you finish the page settings referring to the page guide on the right side of the screen, click on next to finalize the design.

The next step is to select the information you want to print on the label. You can add, delete, or change the information on the label as you want. Just click on the attributes you want to include  (e.g., name, barcode, batch, expiry date, brand, etc.) and paste them onto where you want. You can also adjust font size, number of rows to print, and style here too.

The final step is to review the final label design provided on the right side of the screen, save, and add the new template to the system. You can also preview the label before you print!

Start BoxHero and make the most out of the easy-to-use barcode generator / printer now!

BoxHero provides the following features to make your inventory management easy and efficient:

  • Auto-generate / manual input of barcode
  • Easy printout of barcode labels
  • Customized design settings for barcode labels
Start your inventory management with BoxHero All features available for 30-days free trial!